Co możemy wspólnie zrobić? 

Na blogu nie ma możliwości zamieszczania reklam. Nie ma także możliwości zamieszczania artykułów sponsorowanych. Chętnie za to angażuję się we wszelkiego rodzaju projekty specjalne – moje sztandarowe projekty, w tym TrendBooki, FutureMakers czy seria OnOff powstały właśnie dzięki współpracy z komercyjnymi partnerami. Doceniam zwłaszcza długofalową współpracę, w ramach której powstaje merytorycznie wartościowa treść. Oprócz tego pracuję z wieloma markami, w tym polskimi i globalnymi, jako tzw. shadow consultant. Realizowałam projekty dla marek właściwe z każdej branży, branży farmaceutycznej, ubezpieczeniowej, finansowej, mediowej, handlowej, kosmetycznej, turystycznej. Przygotowuję konkretne raporty, analizy i opracowania. Uczestniczę w spotkaniach wewnętrznych, na poziomie strategicznym, jako doradca. Prowadzę warsztaty i szkolenia. Występuję na konferencjach.

Na czym dokładnie polega moja praca?

Contrary to appearances, not writing a blog :). The blog is just the tip of the iceberg. My job is – in a nutshell – analyzing what may happen in the near future, what we can expect and what we should be prepared for. Contrary to popular opinion – I do not predict the future. I don’t have a glass ball. The future is unknown and will remain so. What I’m trying to know are scenarios for the future – how many there are, how they look, how they will change our reality, our consumers.

What is trend forecasting?

Forecasting trends has little to do with keeping track of what is currently fashionable. The fashions change every few months, the trends last for years. Forecasting trends is rather an attempt to find and describe factors and phenomena that may cause significant changes in many areas of our lives in the coming years. Forecasting trends is an interdisciplinary activity that takes into account not only technological issues, but also economic and sociological factors.

Why is trend forecasting so important nowadays?

In the world of futurists, there is such a comparison: when a car is driving at night and driving slowly, ordinary lights are enough for it to drive safely. But when it moves very fast, the lights need to shine more intensely in order to react in advance to possible obstacles on the road. Similarly in business – the faster changes occur (and we know that today they are progressing very quickly, actually overnight), the deeper and farther into the future we should be able to make the right decisions. Without a complete set of information, making the right decision is impossible – and this applies to both business and private life.

What methods do I use in my work? 

Various and many. Qualitative and quantitative. In line with the principle that no method of forecasting the future is foolproof. The more methods used in the analysis, the more precise the quality of the forecast. 95% of the trends forecasted by me in subsequent TrendBooks actually took place, and I described them on average 3 years in advance (e.g. I wrote about life-streaming in 2011 – 5 years (sic!) Before the trend entered the mainstream, about the Internet of Things and wearable computers in 2013, about Vine services in 2014).

Do you think we can do something together? Do you have additional questions?

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